Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sephora Time Again

For a person like me, who spends an unhealthy amount of money, Sephora is a place best to be avoided. A couple of days ago I went to the mall because I'm in desperate need of new clothes but guess what I did instead? Yep, popped into Sephora.

I didn't buy a lot, but what I did buy- I am pleased with.
The first thing I do when I walk into that makeup heaven is go to the Benefit counter. I love cute packaging and Benefit hits the nail right on the head! For me it is hard to not buy their blushes just because they are so attractive- but I'm not so daft to excessively spend money solely based on appearances. I've been a loyal Benefit customer for years and their blushes are my favorite.

This time I bought the new blush they have come out with, Rockateur.

Now let's get to the product itself. When you first see the product it can seem a bit intimidating because it looks very shimmery. But believe me when I say, when you apply it on your skin it is not shimmery in the slightest. It gives you a beautiful rose gold hue instead. The color in itself is rosy with light gold shimmer. 

I would have to say if you are lighter skinned this blush will pop out more and if you're darker skinned then I think it will just give you a nice glow- which eliminates the need for a highlighter.
When I wore this blush the first time I used a highlighter with it, it looked fine but I can honestly say there was no need for the highlighter as the blush itself does that job for you.

I also bought Watt's Up! from Benefit.
Watt's Up! is a highlighter for the face and it retails for $30.

This product will look beautiful on any skin color but I'd have to say the darker you are the more it will show on your skin. Just like any highlighter, I use this mainly on top of my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead. That's not to say you can't use it anywhere else, use it wherever you feel you want to- it's makeup have fun with it!
Anyway, I don't use the sponge that it comes with, instead I use my fingers to blend the product and it works well for me. The color is champagne color with specks of shimmer- a tiny amount goes a long way. 
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this product. It has to be the best highlighter I have tried. It is definitely a must have!

I also got the OPI Shatter in violet. 

The effect this nail polish is very fun! It almost looks like having those stickers for nails. But the downside is that if you have short nail beds like me, chances are this won't look very pleasing to the eyes. This polish is best left for those with longer nails. The other downside I have heard about this polish is that it dries out too quickly. But O.P.I recommends buying its nail polish thinner to prevent this from happening.

And lastly I bought a lipstick from Sephora. I love it. It's pink. It goes on very creamy and is very moisturizing. 

You can purchase the products I have talked about by clicking on the links below

 Benefit's Rockateur Blush Here
Benefit's watt's up! Highlighter Here
O.P.I Shatter Nail Polish Here



  1. I love Benefit Watt's up... good blog now following you =)

  2. Great haul :-) <3


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