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What do I smell like?

I still remember my first perfume my mum bought me. It was the Davidoff Cool Water. I vividly remember it was a pack of perfume, shower gel, bath salts and lotion with a blue bag, which I still have. The bag, not the products- that would be crazy if I still had those! This was when I was around 11-12 years old.

I picked up this perfume collection from my mum and dad, both of whom had over 100 of perfumes on their vanity tables! 
Fast forward 15 years and I still have a passion for collecting perfume. To be honest, my whole family are perfume collectors. Right now, if I were to estimate how many bottles I have, I'd say I have over 50 but they are in my house in Pakistan.
But we aren't talking about those since I'm not in Pakistan.
In Dubai, these are are the perfumes that are my go to. I'm not joking when I say, I shower with my perfumes, I wear a lot of perfume and sometimes I even mix 2-3 perfumes together.
So, if you're sensitive to strong smells, being around me wont help!

Let's begin by describing each scent I've pictured above!

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her

This is my third bottle of this perfume and I've also had the hair mist for this as well! It smells powdery, warm, musky, and has a rose scent to it as well! It's not too harsh, and I find it quite lasting especially if you spray it on to your clothes and hair, which I do.
The packaging itself is very simple. The pink bottle comes in a black box and the black one I believe comes in a pink box. The bottle itself is plain baby pink and Narciso Rodriguez, For Her printed in block letters.
I tend to wear this perfume during the day because it's not too strong but lasts all day!

This retails for $105 at Sephora.

Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy Limited Edition

This is the limited edition of the very popular Juicy Couture fragrance. This particular edition came in a big bright pink box that I still have but don't use it to put this bottle in though. The bottle itself has a big bright pink bow, a charm that spells out Juicy and a ceramic white bottle with a big crystal top! It has a very sweet smell to it and incredibly long lasting. I love this perfume but it is a very girly smell, not very sophisticated. It doesn't smell like an expensive perfume like some other perfumes do!
However, I do love this perfume and it's a scent I'll wear on a daily basis.
This particular edition retailed for $98 but the normal Viva La Juicy retails for $72.

Chanel- Chance

This perfume as you can see is obviously loved by me! I have had numerous bottles of this over the years and I can't get enough of it! It has a spicy, peppery smell to it along with it being woody, musky, and sweet at the same time! When you wear it, you know it is quality. I feel grande! I feel it doesn't last as long on the body, hence me spraying it on every few hours but that just may be because of how much I love this smell!
I highly recommend this perfume to anyone! I've been wearing this since I was 18!

This retails for $90 at Sephora!

YSL- Parisienne

The liquid here looks pink but it's actually a faint purple. YSL Parisienne, I don't really know why I decided to get this. But I'm glad I did. It has a slight hint of powder but it's main notes are rose and flowers. It's not overwhelming to the nose. The only thing I don't like about this is that the longer it stays on, the cheaper it starts to smell. It's hard to explain but maybe that's me. The initial whiff of smell is amazing though! I doubt I'll repurchase this, even though I like it!

This retails for $39.

Dior- Pure Poison

Let's start with the precious bottle! A deep dark purple top that fades to a shimmery white bottle! The scent is intoxicating and exotic. Floral, woody and sweet are its notes. When I wear this, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE compliments me! The scent lingers on for hours. This scent is for anyone, in my opinion who wants to feel sexy. I reckon it's best for the evening and for special occasions if it is a bit expensive for you to use on a daily basis!

This retails for $90 at Sephora.

Bvlgari- Rose Essentielle

This was my signature smell a few years ago. Then I completely forgot about it, until recently till I repurchased it! Oh, how I missed this! I'm so glad I got this again. It is by far one of my most favorite perfumes! 
Its main notes are rose, powder, and wood! It's strong, and I feel it stays on for a long time. When I have been wearing this for a while, I will get a whiff of it and it just makes me so relaxed. This is feminine and sexy. As you can probably tell, I love the smell of roses- and this for me is the epitome of feeling sexy, feminine and it transports me to a garden of red roses! I am not doing this justice by trying to explain. If you can, I highly recommend you try this!

This retails for $65 at Sephora.

Versace- Bright Crystal

I've gone through 4-5 bottles of this perfume! Whenever I have run out of this, I have popped into my sister in laws room to wear hers and I even used to do this with my late grandmother- just go into her room and use hers!
This perfume has always been in my collection. It's a very floral yet very fresh scent! I love how this scent spreads throughout my bedroom. Just light, refreshing, and best for the day! This perfume will always hold a special place in my heart!

This retails for $69 at Sephora.

Here you go guys, this is what I smell like! 
What are your signature smells? Do let me know. 
If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if there is anything you want me to write about- drop me a line!



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