Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lush: Sea Vegetable Soap

Usually I am a HUGE fan of Lush products! Their masks, shampoos and lip scrubs are my favorite products from that store. However, my recent purchase, the Sea Vegetable soap was quite underwhelming. After giving it a couple of chances, it lays in my soap holder untouched.
The seaweed coated, blue green tinted soap leaves a lot to be desired. First and foremost, while washing my hands, I expect the soap that I use to have a nice lather but this soap doesn't even give me one bubble! Seriously, it just not lather up. I've tried holding it under water, rubbing my hands vigorously holding the soap but to no avail. The smell of it is nice, refreshing but this alone isn't enough for me to ever want to repurchase it again.

For me, when a soap doesn't lather, I don't feel like the soap achieved what it is meant to do- which is essentially cleaning my hands. Hence with this soap it was for me a total waste of money. 
I did not feel clean, nor do I think there's any point in me buying this soap.

All in all, a complete disappointed customer - me. Disappointed in the product, not the store. The store is amazing. The colourful products, the friendly staff and the scent that lingers around just invites people in! The fact that their products are natural and cruelty free is a plus!

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