Wednesday, August 6, 2014

*Review: Oriflame - Sun Zone SPF 50

Hello Everyone!

Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics brand, founded in 1967. I personally, had never tried any of the products by this company although I had heard of it. So when I had the Sun Zone UV protector sent to me over a month ago, I was excited to try it out!

I, deliberately took this long to write this review as I wanted to test out the product on me for a couple of weeks to form an opinion on it. What is the verdict? You may be wondering. I'll get to that, but first let me explain to you what this white and orange tube claims it does.

It is made for faces and other exposed areas that are susceptible to UV damage, and we all know how much the sun can age skin!

This particular sunblock that I have has an SPF of 50. The tube is 50 ml or 1.6 fl.oz.

Ideally this should be worn prior to sun exposure and frequently reapplying it.

Now to the review of the product:

I have oily skin, so every time I pick lotions and creams I make sure they wont make me into a shiny disco ball- so while giving this sunblock a go, I was worried it would make me look even more oily than usual because my experiences with sunblock have been quite abysmal.

The consistency of it is runnier than a normal lotion but not quite liquid for it to go all over the place. I'd say it's somewhere in between a cream and lotion. The scent of it isn't as strong as other sunblocks, which either way I don't mind.

When I applied it to my face, I instantly knew I'd have to blot quite a bit. Sure enough I was right, a while later when I had been outdoors for a while, my forehead decided to morph into a mirror. However, my arms which I had applied it too also were perfectly fine. My arms are really dry, and honestly, the layer of sunscreen actually felt quite moisturised. I was quite pleased with how it made my arms feel but not my face. So, I'd have to say to all of you oily skinned people, this product may not be for you and to all the other different skin types- give this product a go. I think you may be positively surprised.

What about the dreaded ghost face from flash photography? Well, I'd have to say it is much better than other sunscreens. I could still see a difference between the shades of my face and neck after a flash photograph so to those wondering what they can do then, I have to say is that since flash photography is mainly used indoors or in the evenings, you can miss applying sunscreen when you know you won't be exposed to any sun for special events and apply it when you are exposed!

I probably will purchase this sunblock again. It has genuinely surprised me, and the fact that my hands and arms didn't feel greasy was a big plus for me. I still like it even if it did make my face look like a reflective object, that's because I already know that sunscreens aren't the most forgiving on oily skins.
Hence, I do recommend this product to those who have other skin types because it has ranked higher on the spectrum of other sunscreens for me.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes.


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  1. Great review! Once I'm done with my current sunblock, I'll try this one out. I really like the Colorscience Powder Sunscreen Spf 50. If you're interested, I have a review on it on my new blog:


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