Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MAC Lipsticks

It’s no secret, MAC is by far my favourite brand for matte lipsticks. In my opinion, MAC have perfected the formula for matte lipsticks. Most other brands that produce matte lipsticks end up with a consistency that is too dry which ends up making lips look very wrinkly or it becomes a nightmare trying to apply that product because it is so dry that the lipstick doesn’t apply very easily, which then becomes a problem if you’re trying to blend the lipstick. However, this post isn’t about MAC matte lipsticks, it’s about MAC lipsticks that I have recently gotten, so let’s begin!

My very lovely sister in law was travelling so I asked her to bring me back some MAC lipsticks. She ended up buying me five lipsticks and a lipliner. She brought me back - Mocha (satin), Kinda Sexy (matte), Flesh Pot (satin), Creme De La Femme (frost) and Happy Go Lucky (amplified) and the lipliner, Boldly Bare!

Mocha - A peachy brown shade with yellow undertones! In my opinion this lipstick would look best with medium skin tones but hey who cares, if you like it, wear it! The texture is quite creamy making it very easy to apply! Quite an opaque coverage. The lasting power is very impressive, easily lasts multiple hours. Perfect for women who work, as it quite subtle. The only con with this lipstick could be that it can can settle into fine lines if you have chapped lips.

Kinda Sexy - A neutral pink rose shade. For ladies with fair to medium skin tones, this lipstick will enhance your own lip colour making it a MLBB! It is very opaque, one or two swipes and will give a full on coverage. Since it is matte, if you have lips that are dry or chapped, this lipstick will very easily highlight any fine lines. I truly do love this lipstick!

Flesh Pot - This lipstick made me look like I rose from the dead. Now this isn’t the lipsticks fault, it just is not a lipstick for medium to darker skin toned ladies! It is so pale that unless you’re going for lips that look like you’ve dabbed them in concealer then this is not for you - sorry South Asian women! However, it is very creamy and would look perfect on anyone who can pull this colour off!c

Creme De La Femme - A pink colour with specks of gold shimmer! Since it is a frosted lipstick it has specks of shimmer in it. I love the colour on me, but I do find that I have to apply it a few times in order to get the colour just right on me! It is subtle enough to wear on a daily basis with just about any look. The application is very easy, and goes on very smoothly! I could not find any cons to this.

Happy Go Lucky - A hot pink, with blue undertones. It is quite sheer, so if I want a more opaque finish I fill in my lips with a pink lipstick and apply this lipstick over it. The texture is very smooth and creamy and the lasting power is 4-5 hours if I do not eat or drink anything.

Boldly Bare - Is a pink nude lipliner with a matte finish. What I love about this liner is that you can over draw your lips and it still looks natural! It just amplifies your own lip colour. Just the perfect lipliner that looks natural.



  1. Creme De La Femme looks so hot in the tube. I wish it didn't have shimmer in it.

    1. The shimmer in it isn't overwhelming, it is quite subtle. However, if you do not like shimmer whatsoever then that is understandable :)

  2. these look so amazing .especially boldly bare
    and i am following ur blog via google + :)

    1. Boldly Bare is one of my favorites! I actually got it because it is similar to what Kyle Jenner wears, which makes it easier to overdraw your lips and still have it look quite natural. xx

  3. Wow! You've got a nice collection! ♥

    Thanks for dropping by! GFC is acting up right now! :( Will come back to follow! ^^ xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. That's a very nice collection! Would you mind following my blog?


    Thank you! x

  5. Loving your neutral MAC collection :) I've got to own at least one everyday rosy-brown shade for myself. I'm not too keen on nudes. What color would you recommend for NC20-25 with not too pouty lips?

    I'm also experiencing problems with following you via GFC like Jadirah. Can you check it, please?

    I just discovered your blog via series of stalking jumps :-D Do check my blog "The Beauty Finds"


    1. Hey! Thank you!! Have you seen Pink Plaid, it's a matte lipstick! More on the pink side, but I think on Desi skin tone, should look great!!

      I don't know what's up with GFC.. I heard blogger was getting rid of it. That could be the reason!


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