Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Nars - Albatross

If you know me or follow me on any social media, you’ll know I love me some highlighter. Some may even argue that I wear too much of it! Hence, I’m always on the quest to finding the best highlighter.

I’m so glad, the UAE has NARS products available now in Sephora. The first thing I did, after NARS launched was purchase Albatross.

At first glance, Albatross looks like the most boring and bland product ever; just white powder. However, when applied, the highlighter is more gold. 

I have also found, unlike many other highlighters, this one doesn’t emphasise pores and gives a beautiful glow - more like a cream product.

A little goes a long way, because it is very highly pigmented. I used any stippling brush to apply it, by pinching the brush so I have more control over it. I apply it on the high points of my cheeks, cupid bow, bridge of my nose and whatever is left, I apply that on the center of my forehead. 

I have to say, people with lighter skin or with yellow undertones may find this a bit overwhelming and might not be the product for them.

Albatross, is here to stay in my makeup kit and I highly recommend anyone wanting a new highlighter, to give this one a try!

This retails for: $30
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