Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Sigma Products

The lovely people at Sigma, sent me some goodies to try out a couple of months ago. I didn't want to write a review, right there and then as I wanted to take my time and test the products out and form an opinion.

I was sent - a lipgloss, two eyeshadows, and three brushes.

Let me begin by saying, I have used Sigma's brushes in the past and for the most part I love them! So, when I saw I had been sent brushes, I squealed in excitement! 

Moving on - 

The lipgloss I was sent is called "Get Ready". I, personally wear it on its own - I would pair it on top of a nude/brown-ish shade of lipstick. What I like most about it, is that it's not sticky. I avoid most lip glosses due to them being too sticky and it annoys me to a great extent when hair falls in to the mix. It has an opaque and smooth finish with peachy tones.

The two individual eyeshadows I was sent are "Triomphe" and "Luna". Unfortunately, Triomphe, a dual chrome shadow - black and grey with slight shimmer was shattered into dust upon its shipping. Therefore, it was rendered useless to use unless I wanted specks of black powdered dust all over my face. On the other hand, Luna, is a pretty color. Also dual chromed with the color described as pearl gold is a great highlighter shade for the brow bone and just to dust over the lid!

The brushes- I LOVE THEM! There is not a bad word I can say about them, in all honesty.
Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush - I have only used it as a foundation brush but it is also an excellent brush to contour with. Due to it being angled, it is perfect to fit into the contours of the face. I will say though, to use the brush solely as a foundation brush - be prepared to use a lot more foundation as it absorbs the liquid. But it does buff into the skin really well. That is understandable since the brush is technically for bronzers and cream blushers anyway!

Sigma E55 eye shading brush is a dense bristled brush for the lids. It works very well with one color application all over the lid. 

Sigma P86 Precision Tapered brush is an excellent brush for concealing those areas that are hard to reach. With the brush being tapered - it makes it very easy to apply concealer to exact spots. The pointed top helps apply the concealer in smaller areas that a normal brush with a rounded top wont.

What I have found with using the brushes on a daily basis, and frequent washes, is that the brushes do not shed at all! With good care they will last a very long time, just like my old Sigma brushes have!

I do recommend anyone wanting to invest in good brushes to invest in Sigma - they are affordable compared to more higher end branded brushes and they definitely do last!

I was also sent samples of highlighters that were useful for one application. They are fantastic as well!


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