Friday, December 9, 2016

Junaid Jamshed - An Icon and a Legend.

I was first introduced to Vital Signs when I was barely four or five years old. My aunt and her friends would listen to the band while driving around Islamabad, and would take me, a bratty child along. Naturally, I've associated Junaid Jamshed's distinctive voice and the bands music with my childhood. I get flashbacks, a faint smell if that's possible and I'm transported back to the 90's.

I had seen Junaid Jamshed, but never actually had met him on the street I lived on, that Rohail Hyatt lived on too.

Fast forward to 2016, I still listen to Vital Signs and Junaid Jamshed's solo albums. For me, Junaid Jamshed was and will always be one of the pioneers of the golden era of Pakistan in the 90s. When I heard about his demise along all the others on the ill fated plane, I was broken, a part of my childhood was gone. A childhood, that I fondly remember with his songs.

In a small tribute to him from me, I've posted some of my favorite songs of his.

He will always be remembered. May you and everyone else who lost their lives rest in eternal peace.

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